Launch of the 2023 Lenten Campaign at St. Peter’s Minor Seminary Mukumu.

There is no better country than the other, no tribe better than the other. Everyone of us is a child of God. No one chose to be born where we were born. But we all realize, wherever we are, what unites us is the power to make us children of God. God loves us the way we are, where we are, what we are. He wants to save us the way we are – The Bishop of Kakamega, Rt. Rev. Joseph Obanyi Sagwe during the launch of the 2023 Lenten Campaign at St. Peter’s Minor Seminary Mukumu.
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Kicking off 40 days of the 2023 Lent Season. This is a season when we are called to pray, fast and engage in acts of charity. This year’s theme of the Lenten Campaign that runs for the 5 weeks of Lent is “Reconciliation for an Inclusive Nation.”

It was jubilation and thanksgiving to God on Saturday 14/1/2023 as the Catholic Church in Kenya witnessed the extraordinary ordination of the first blind priest, Rev Deacon Michael Mithamo King’ori of the Catholic Archdiocese of Nyeri to priesthood.
His is a story of “with God, all things are possible.”


to Fr Michael Mithamo and gratitude to Most Rev Anthony Muheria for granting such a fete of grace.

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