The first responsibility of the Bishop is to carry out on the mission of Christ as an apostle, exercising the three-fold office of Christ of sanctifying, Teaching and Governing. (Canon 375)

The Bishop is the successor of the apostles and is responsible as the head of particular church of shepherding the people of God towards the Kingdom of God. This takes the most part of His daily Ministry. Exercising his governing office, he counts on several organs, which collaborate with Him, in what refers to general administration of the Diocese. The Bishops office, as the central office carry’s out the following responsibilities:

  1. Co-ordinating and harmonizing the parishes various services and programmes.
  2. Facilitating the parishes.
  3. Liaising and interacting with the government and its agencies, NGOs as well as other faith institutions in the Diocese/Districts.
  4. Co-ordination of internal policies and interpretation of National policies of the Catholic Church.
  5. Promoting values and ideas of the Catholic Church to the grassroots that is in the parishes.
  6. Liaison with other diocese, institutions and relevant national and international bodies.
  7. To ensure that the mission and vision of the diocese are implemented fully.
  8. To ensure all the necessary information has been disseminated to the parishes.
  9. Advocacy and lobbying at diocesan policy Development levels imbued in the Christians.
  10. To co-ordinate communication between the Diocese and Kenya Catholic Secretariat.
  11. To ensure the Catholic Teachings has been taught and understood in the parishes and in the grassroots.
  12. To ensure that all the departments carries their responsibilities accordingly and to the expectations of the Diocese.
  13. Follow up appointments and approval of various Boards which help in running of diocesan institutions
  14. Follow up suggestion form the Board of consultors as well as trustees of the diocese.
  15. It acts as the link between the Christians and the Donors/Partners

The First Bishop of The Catholic Diocese of Maralal is;

  1. Bishop Virgilio Pante




3 Mar 1946


26 Dec 1970

Ordained Priest

Priest of Consolata Missionaries (IMC)

15 Jun 2001


Bishop of the Catholic Diocese of Maralal, Kenya

6th Oct 2001

Ordained Bishop

Bishop of the Catholic Diocese of Maralal, Kenya

The IT department is an important department in the Diocese, complementing and supplementing the others in numerous ways. It allows the Diocese to achieve communication at very high speed through multiple channels:

  1. Email
  2. Social media
  3. Video conferencing


  • Maintain organization networks, systems and backup solutions.
  • Trouble shoot and provide preventive maintenance services.
  • Evaluate ICT system on continous basis.
  • Update organizational Website and Facebook appropriately.
  • Train staffs on basic IT.
  • Provide technical advisory services in relation to new or appropriate technology for office use.
  •  Maintain an inventory of ICT equipment.
  • Repair and liase with vendors on ICT equipment repair when necessary provide daily operation and    system support.
  • Maintain the ICT Help Desk function and timely resolution of all issues.
  • Work completely on a task until completion or referral to another party.
  • Assist to develop and enforce ICT policies and procedures.
  •  Receive, tags, install and register all assets, conduct periodic spot checks to ensure accuracy of inventory.
  • Ensure data, system and server integrity by setting up and administering ICT security systems.
  •  Monitor ISP services and internet speed and strength, take appropriate action to ensure consistent high connection levels.
  •  Procure software and hardware consistent with office needs and budget, advice on specification for procurement, ensure proper licensing.
  •  Maintain and upgrade the Resource centre software and hardware.
  •  Perform other related duties as assigned.
Mandate and Functions of the Communications Office

The Diocesan Communications office plays a Key role in how the Faithful, Church Employees, National and County Government, Church Employees, Partners, various stakeholders and the general public view the Catholic Diocese of Maralal and its various Institutions. The Office uses a variety of communication platforms to disseminate information that creates a positive reputation for our organisation.









Name of the department/Parish/Institution:

Vocations Office

Name of the head of the department/Parish priest/institution:

Fr. Raphael Lolosoli


Vision and Mission/(if applicable):











Short history of the department/parish/institution (Date of establishment, founder, etc):


In 2002 the Vocations office was created under the newly formed Catholic diocese of Maralal was headed by Fr. Joseph Lengolos up to 2012, where he was succeeded by Fr. Ambrose Leparting’at followed by the current Poro Parish priest Fr. John Dida in 2016 who later gave the Mantle to the current Fr. Raphael Lolosoli in 2017




































Mandate of the department/Parish/Institution:

–          Looking for vocations to priesthood

–          Journeying with the seminarians in their search for their Vocations
















Activities of the department/Parish/Institution:

1.       Looking for vocations to priest hood by visiting schools & joining ion youth activities

2.       Visiting seminarians in their major seminaries












Impact of the department/Institution/Department to the target group/s:

1.       Ordinations of priests from the local communities.

2.       Installations of priests to all parishes which eases evangelization

3.       Strengthening of the people’s faith.



























Photos (Send via email:


Contacts (Email address):

Any other relevant information


Note: The filled template will be required back at office of Planning and Integral Human Development by

1st of July 2019.

For any clarification, contact us via phone +254791656002, email:

Thank you.

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The catholic justice and peace department formerly catholic justice and peace commission is an executive arm of the Kenya conference of catholic bishops (KCCB) whose work is to fulfil one of the KCCB objectives, that is to promote justice and challenge oppressive structures in society.

Its broad aim is to sensitize individuals and communities on justice, peace issues and their respective roles and duties in addressing peace development, human advancement and human rights


CARITAS Maralal is the social development arm of the Catholic Diocese of Maralal. The organization works with various donors, government agencies and people of good will to address the development needs of marginalized communities within Samburu County.

Kindly visit for more information and updates

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The Catholic Diocese of Maralal was curved out of the Marsabit Diocese on 15th June 2001 and Bishop Virgilio Pante consecrated as its first Bishop on 6th October 2001. It is legally registered with the catholic secretariat and through the secretariat with the NGO co-ordination committee. The Diocese therefore has its own legal status as a church organization

Prior to its separation, the two Dioceses shared the same medical programme until December 2002 when the Diocese of Maralal gained its full autonomy. In May, the first medical coordinator for Diocese of Maralal was recruited to revamp the already re-installing medical and CBHC programmes.

Under the Diocese is the Diocesan Health Programme (DHP) that consists out of various components some of which have been in existence since the former Diocese’s jurisdiction while some are relatively new ones. Together as components offer a comprehensive service package to help tackle current health problems among the Samburu pastoralist communities.

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