Background information of the CDM

Catholic Diocese of Maralal was curved from Marsabit diocese, formerly Samburu, Moyale and Marsabit districts. When Maralal diocese was created in the year 2001, His Lordship Rt. Rev, Bishop Virgilio Pante, took up a mantle of reconciling warring communities within Samburu County and his motto is: “with the ministry of reconciliation.”

Currently the CDM has 14 ecclesiastical Parishes which provide structures at the grass roots level through which spiritual as well as development needs of communities are addressed. These parishes are run by over Diocesan priests, Missionary Priests and religious institutes of sisters in the Diocese. These Parishes are clustered in 3 deaneries, Maralal deanery (Maralal, Barsaloi, Porro, Morijo, Lodokejek and Suguta), Baragoi deanery (Baragoi, Tuum, South Horr and Sererit) and Wamba deanery (Wamba, Lodungokwe, Archers Post and Sereolipi).


The Catholic Diocese of Maralal has a legal Status as a Church organisation in Kenya.The Diocese was curved out of the Marsabit Diocese and Bishop Virgilio Pante consecrated as its first Bishop on October, 2001. It is legally registered with the Catholic Secretariat Nairobi.

Mission -----------------------------------Vision

To promote a self-reliant community through transformation and good governance.                                                                A Diocese united by the Gospel where dignity and peace dwell.

Core Values

We strive to have God at the centre of all our activities through prayer and total trust in God (FAITH) We commit to work together in a coordinated effort to achieve our goals maintaining oneness and harmony among ourselves (UNITY) We commit to practise servant leadership with love and humility and ensure the effective and efficient use of resources (STEWARDSHIP) We are committed to practice solidarity with the poor and vulnerable in our community (CHARITY) We strive to maintain the highest standard of conduct in all our actions and uphold uprightness in all situations (INTEGRITY) We are committed to uphold and practice the Catholic social teachings: human dignity and the sanctity of life, principle of subsidiarity, principal of solidarity, participation and common good. We are committed to transparency and accountability. We commit to respect the rule of Law.CDG values are founded on the Catholic social teachings and identity, CDG therefore commits to uphold its core values which includes: • Accountability • Integrity • Equity • Transparency • Honesty • Stewardship • Subsidiarity • Availability • Creativity • Charity • Respect to human life • Justice • Tolerance • Human dignity • Solidarity • Common good • Option for the poor • Sustainability

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Catholic Diocese Of Maralal 

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