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Of Maralal

The Catholic Diocese of Maralal (CDM) is one of the 26 Catholic Dioceses in Kenya. It covers the entire Samburu County, including the administrative sub Counties of Samburu North, Samburu East and Samburu Central. The County altogether covers an area of 21.126,5 square Km that consist of three deaneries as stated bellow:


  • We strive to have God at the centre of all our activities through prayer and total trust in God (FAITH)
  • We commit to work together in a coordinated effort to achieve our goals maintaining oneness and harmony among ourselves (UNITY)
  • We commit to practise servant leadership with love and humility and ensure the effective and efficient use of resources (STEWARDSHIP)
  • We are committed to practice solidarity with the poor and vulnerable in our community (CHARITY)
  • We strive to maintain the highest standard of conduct in all our actions and uphold uprightness in all situations (INTEGRITY)
  • We are committed to transparency and accountability.

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